Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Review- Justin's Nut Butter Packets

I found these individual nut butter packets at Whole Foods today. As a strong lover of peanut and almond butter I was intrigued and had to give it a try. At 50 cents a packet, I had no excuse not to!
The concept of this product is interesting and right up my alley. Peanut butter, perfectly portioned, to go? I say YES!
They also had hazelnut butter combinations which I would have tried had they not been sold out.

The chocolate peanut butter blend was smooth and had a great natural taste to it. While I wouldn't have hated more chocolate in the blend, there was still enough to make an appearance.

I have never had sweetened almond butter before. I don't feel the need to add sweeteners to nut butters but nevertheless this blend was good.
I would love these packets to take to work with an apple or other dipping items.

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