Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Review- Extra:Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Gum

My review for this new flavor of gum can be summed up in my seemingly annoyed complaint letter I would send to Extra, if I was indeed, that offended at the taste outcome.

Dear Extra,
You have recently sparked my impulse buying nerve when I came across your new flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream gum at my local grocery establishment. Curious and rather excitedly, I purchased your chewing gum for a mere one U.S dollar. Upon trying this gum for the first time I was rather disapointed to find out that this gum tasted of no chocolate nor ice cream, but just mint. I now realize you have just created a new flavor, without in fact, creating a new flavor. Touche extra, touche.
I give you credit for your clever advertising scheme and the nice touch of a delicious scoop of seemingly cold ice cream on the package. Furthermore I will finish this pack of imposter flavored gum but in the future I will spend my money on better flavors (see Orbitz flavor watermelon).
Now craves ice cream.

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