Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pistachio Butter & Sauteed Apple Sandwich on Cinnamon Raisin Toast

A simple, different and healthy sandwich to make for brunch, breakfast or lunch. Homemade pistachio nut butter is delicious tasting and a great alternative to peanut or almond butters.

Sauteed Fugi apples dusted in brown sugar sandwiched between pistachio nut butter and sweet, chewy pieces of cinnamon raisin toast.

Pistachio Butter
1 cup shelled pistachios
2 tbl coconut oil
1 tbl maple syrup

Blend the pistachios in a food processor for 3-4 minutes until they have started to become a paste. Add the oil and syrup and process 4-5 minutes more into a creamy butter.

Pistachio & Apple Sandwich
serves 3
1 tbl coconut oil
1 fuji apple, skin on, thinly sliced
1 tbl organic light brown sugar

1 batch pistachio butter
6 slices cinnamon raisin bread

(I used a cast iron grill pan to cook both the apples in and then press and toast the bread.)
Melt the coconut oil and saute the apple slices with brown sugar for 4-5 minutes until caramelized and slightly soft. Make sure to keep a slight crunch still on the apples.
Assemble 3 sandwiches with pistachio butter and apples then press in a panini press to toast or place back in the saute pan and press down with a spatula to toast and slightly flatten.

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