Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Chile Burgers, Chipotle Salsa, Sweet Potato Mash, Roasted Corn & Lime Mayo

Fresh corn is finally at the store! It's not amazing tasting just yet, but it certainly is a welcomed vegetable to my diet and goes great as a side with burgers.

Mixed bean burgers mixed with roasted green chiles, fresh red bell peppers, sweet onions and cilantro. Served with a quick sweet potato mash and mild chipotle salsa.

Green Chile Burger
1/2 cup small dice sweet onion
1/2 red bell pepper, small dice
2 roasted green chile (canned), minced
salt and pepper
2 tsp cumin
1-15oz can white beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup roughly chopped, cooked, yukon potatoes
1-15oz can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 tbl freshly chopped cilantro
1 cup panko breadcrumbs
2 tbl extra virgin olive oil
3 tbl canola oil
5 burger buns, toasted
2 cups finely shredded green cabbage

In a large bowl, combine the onion, red bell pepper, green chiles, salt and pepper to taste, cumin, white beans and potatoes. Mash until all of the beans and potatoes have broken up. Add the chickpeans and mash slightly so only some of the chickpeas are broken but most remain whole. Add the cilantro and breadcrumbs and stir to combine. Form into 5 patties and chill for 10 minutes.
Preheat both oils together in a large pan and saute the burgers until golden brown on both sides.
Serve on toasted buns with sweet potato mash, cabbage and chipotle salsa.

Chipotle Salsa
1 tbl canola oil
1/2 cup minced sweet onion
1/2 red bell pepper, minced
1 chipotle in adobo, minced
1 garlic clove, minced
1 large hothouse tomato, seeded, small dice
juice of 1/2 lime
2 tbl freshly chopped cilantro
salt and pepper

Heat the oil in a small pan and saute the onions, bell pepper and chipotle until soft and slightly browned over medium high heat, 5 minutes. Add the garlic and tomato and reduce to medium heat, cook 4 minutes more. Remove from the heat, add the lime juice, cilantro and season with salt and pepper. Cool and serve.

Sweet Potato Mash
1 sweet potato, peeled
salt and pepper
1 tbl vegan sour cream

Cook the sweet potato until tender, and cut into small chunks. Mash with salt and pepper and sour cream until chunky. Serve warm on burgers.

Roasted Corn with Lime Mayo
4 yellow corn on the cob
2 tbl extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise
1/8 tsp cayenne
1/4 tsp paprika
juice of 1 lime
salt and pepper

Preheat the broiler or a grill pan. Coat the corn in olive oil and roast until charred on all sides.
Combine the remaining ingredients and chill while the corn is cooking. Spread liberally on the corn.

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